How to display MQ Listener details via the Command Line on Windows

August 14, 2009

I’m far too used to being spoilt with using MQ Explorer,  so when I received a demo VMware off of a partner, without Explorer installed, it was time to dust off the manual for the runmqsc commands.

To interact with MQ using mqsc, you first need to get into the MQ bin directory in a DOS box, and run the command runmqsc.exe

So for instance:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\MQ\bin

Upon running this, you’ll be into the MQ Series command environment. If you type ? you’ll get a list of available commands that are over and above this post.

What I needed to do was look for the listener port details, without knowing if a listener existed. It turns out the way to do this is to type:


which should then give you a detailed listing of all MQ Listeners running on your Queue Manager.


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